AIIMS Covid-19 patient Jamaat attendee, staff advised quarantine

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    New Delhi, April 9 (IANS) A 72-year-old patient at AIIMS, who tested positive for coronavirus, has been admitted to the trauma centre, which is currently functioning as a dedicated Covid-19 centre. At least 30 healthcare workers were advised to go for self-quarantine when it was found that they came in contact with him.

    A source told IANS that the patient had attended Tablighi Jamaat congregation in Nizamuddin Markaz here.
    The healthcare workers include doctors, nurses and technicians at the Cardio-Neuro Centre in the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS).
    According to the source, the patient came to the emergency ward with brain stroke symptoms and therefore, was immediately shifted to the Neurology Department. “He complained of chest pain and difficulty in breathing, therefore his chest x-ray was done and he was cannulised. But as he complained of chest pain, therefore his sample was taken and sent for testing which came out positive for COVID-19,” the source said.
    The patient was then immediately transferred to AIIMS trauma centre.
    The neurology ward where the patient was admitted is being sanitised and doctors in the emergency department are screening all patients to identify such cases.
    The condition of the patient is critical and he is closely monitored by the doctors, according to the source.

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