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    Ankur Panchal, Deepali Saini, Gaurav Roopdas join ‘Crime Alert’

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    Mumbai, April 2 (IANS) Actors Ankur Panchal, Deepali Saini and Gaurav Roopdas will be part of the upcoming episodes of the crime-based show “Crime Alert”.

    “Crime Alert” is based on real-life crime incidents.

    “It is a great opportunity. I was fortunate to do this story in particular as it was relatively light and had a happy ending. Most stories tend to get heavy and intense, but unlike those, this one ended on a happy note,” said Deepali.

    Talking about his role, Gaurav said: “I have played various lead roles on screen and I am grateful that Dangal TV chose me for a parallel lead in ‘Crime Alert’. I play the character of Avinaash. I love how I was given various shades in my role for the show as it helped me in exploring my acting further.”

    Ankur has already done a few episodes of “Crime Alert”.

    “The characters that I have played were all immensely intense and I loved playing them. I had fun working with the team. Furthermore, what added to my experience was that the overall content of the show was very well taken care of, be it the creative content or technical bit,” he shared.



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