B-Town objects to bursting of crackers during #9pm9minute

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    Mumbai, April 6 (IANS) Several Bollywood celebrities took to social media to condemn the bursting of crackers by many citizens on Sunday evening. While Prime Minister Narendra Modi had appealed to the nation to switch off lights and light up torches, candles, lamps and cellphone torches as a mark of solidarity to the nation’s COVID-19 warriors, many people got into Diwali mood and burst cracker, too.

    “People are bursting crackers. Just FYI . They dogs are freaking out. Do people think it’s Diwali? I’m so confused,” Sonam Kapoor tweeted.
    In a separate tweet, the actress expressed concern for the wildlife and shared: “There was complete peace and quite, and now the birds, dogs and sirens are freaking out in south Delhi because some morons decided to burst fire crackers tonight.”
    Richa Chadha also seemed irritated in her tweet: “Why crackers ? Why?”
    Filmmaker Hansal Mehta expressed: “My neighbours lit diyas, candles and then chanted Go Corona Go, idhar se nikal aur kabhi waapas mat aana. Then they kicked a pot which cracked. Then they clapped in unison. Then crackers were burst elsewhere. I was writing.”
    Actor Adil Hussain shared: “We are with Dia! Some people are bursting crackers in South Delhi!”

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