NHAI debars consultancy firm from participation in bids


New Delhi, June 11 (IANS) The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has declared MSV International Inc, along with Mspark Futuristics & Associates, as non-performers and prohibited both the entities from participating in the ongoing and future bids of NHAI till the defects on the current project are not completely rectified as per contract requirements.

The consultancy firm was engaged for supervision of four-laning of the Sultanpur-Varanasi section in Uttar Pradesh, but it failed to perform its assigned duties while delivering supervision consultancy services for the project.

During the audit by the quality inspection team and regular inspection by NHAI officials, it was found that the contractor, Gayatri Projects Ltd, failed to construct the project highway in conformity with the specifications and standards set in the contract agreement.

The supervision consultancy firm, MSV International Inc, in association with Mspark Futuristics & Associates, also did not act pro-actively, nor did they issue timely notices to the contractor on the deficiencies pointed out by the quality audit team.

A show cause notice was issued to the consultancy firm on this account, but the reply given by the firm explaining the deficiencies were found to be unsatisfactory.

It was also established that the consultancy firm did not proactively report issues, which include failure to conduct quality tests for riding comfort, observance of cracks in concrete pavement at many places, lack of signages, road safety measures and failure to fulfil the obligations as per the contract agreement.

Hence, the consultancy firm and the contractor have been declared as non-performers and have been prohibited from participating in any ongoing or future bids of NHAI till the notified defects are satisfactorily rectified.

Recently, Lion Engineering Consultants in association with Synergy Engineering Group Pvt Ltd was also debarred from engagement in future NHAI projects for a period of six months for deficiencies in consultancy services and supervision of four-laning of the Barhi-Hazaribagh section in Jharkhand.

A quality checking drive has been launched by the NHAI with special teams of experts from the headquarters checking the projects.

The teams also evaluate the performance of the consultants.