COVID-19 effect: Ekta Kapoor forced to take off her rings due to soap allergy!

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Mumbai, April 6 (IANS) Due to her staunch belief in astrology, producer Ekta Kapoor has always been spotted wearing numerous rings and bracelets. However, on Monday, she took off her rings after developing an allergy that was triggered off by the over-use of soap and sanitiser, in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Taking to her Instagram, Ekta posted a video in which she is seen flaunting her fingers bereft of her rings.
“Meanwhile in other news! Thanos has left d building!!! He destroyed d world enough! Just kidding!!! #goinghandsfree #onehandatatime,” she captioned the video.
Ekta’s video has left social media users, including her friends from the industry, stunned.
Actress Hina commented: “ye kaise hua (how did it happen)?”
Responding to Hina, Ekta said: “Allergy due to over use of soap and sanitizer. Will be back after break.”
When one user asked her about after how many years she removed those rings, Ekta commented: “2003 I started.”