Lockdown diaries: Nucleya working on new music

Mumbai, April 25 (IANS) Indian electronic music producer-DJ Udyan Sagar, popular as Nucleya, says he is utilising the COVID-19 lockdown to create some new music.

“I live in Goa so I’m at home right now. The other day my friend was asking me how my life has changed, and I told him nothing has changed for me. I get up in the morning, I come make music in my studio at home and that’s it,” said Mucleya, when asked how he is managing work at a time like this.

“What I usually do is when I go to bed at night I think about the music I will be working on the next morning. So, I try to work as much as I can in my head and have a couple of options ready the next day,” he added.

Nucleya continued: “This has gotten me into a bit of trouble with my son when he asks me something about dinosaurs and I am absently agreeing with him. It happens to me a lot when I am mentally thinking about my music during conversations with others.”

Talking about how he is someone who collaborates with a lot of artists, Nucleya said: “Honestly, I am a very shy person in the studio and most of the songs I make are done over the internet. I was telling my friend the other day to send me the song he had been working on through WhatsApp and not bother recording in the studio and before sending. I was reading something the other day and this one line really stayed with me that goes, ‘it’s better to have a bad recording of something really incredible than a good recording of a bad song’.”

He has advice for young musicians who are just starting out.

“It’s important to have some degree of musical education where you know about chords and scales and melodies and how to stitch different melodies together. That kind of helps in a huge way,” he said.

He expressed his views in episode four of Red Bull’s “The Mind Behind”. Produced by Red Bull Media House, “The Mind Behind” is a cross-discipline series about the lives and careers of professionals across multiple streams.