Lockdown diaries: Problems that drive Twinkle Khanna to ‘breaking point’!

Mumbai, April 4 (IANS) Amid the 21-day lockdown, author-entrepreneur Twinkle Khanna’s quota of ‘problems’ is a funny one, going by her recent Instagram post.

The actress and Akshay Kumar’s wife shared a video of her struggles to fix a broken spectacle with doctor’s tape and slipper with a hot glue gun!
In the clip, Twinkle is heard saying: “Losing track amid lockdown but we are managing, first by taping these spectacles. But now I am at the breaking point because this wonderful slipper that I was wearing to match this particular shoe is now broken and I am trying to glue it together. Unfortunately it’s not working. God bless you all as well.”
She captioned the video: “I know there are bigger problems, but this has driven me to breaking point rather literally! #AboutToShootMyselfWithAGlueGun.”
Just a week ago, Twinkle shared that she had broken her foot and her actor-husband Akshay Kumar took her to the hospital for a check.
She then had uploaded a photograph of herself sitting with her injured foot while gazing at the sea from her residence