Naezy: My inspiration is still the same

Mumbai, April 23 (IANS) Rapper-songwriter Naved Shaikh, popularly known as Naezy, says a lot has changed in his life with fame, but his source of inspiration remains unchanged.

Looking back at the days when he lived in a Mumbai chawl, he said: “A lot has changed, but a lot has remained the same. My inspiration is still the same. I used to get inspired by my environment.”

He also seeks inspiration from the social injustices and inequality. He said: “Definitely these are things that bother me even now and the whole scenario is still the same. Whenever I take my penÂ…apni kalam uthata hoon toh yahi sochta hoon ki isse fayada ho society mein. Mein saachai batane se darta nahi hu.”

Asked if there is a special place in his house where he sits to write and compose his songs, the rapper said: “I like to write in my hall. Because when I’m inside my bedroom, I am in the dark. But in the main room, there is light and there is a connection of different people. So, I get inspired everywhere, every corner of my house. Even outside.”

He expressed his views in episode two of Red Bull’s “The Mind Behind”. Produced by Red Bull Media House, “The Mind Behind” is a cross-discipline series about the lives and careers of professionals across multiple streams.