Soha Ali Khan: Lockdown has brought the family closer

Mumbai, April 25 (IANS) Actress Soha Ali Khan says the lockdown has brought her closer to her family than ever.

The actress asserts that she tries to do interesting activities with husband, actor Kunal Kemmu, and daughter Inaaya. Here’s how Soha Ali Khan is spending her time during the lockdown:

* Reading

Reading has always been something I love doing and our busy lives makes it difficult to sit down and make time for it every day. The lockdown has enabled us to stay indoors and focus on the activities that our busy schedules would not allow us to do. Reading is one of the things that I have included in my daily tasks; I dedicate at least one hour to reading as it helps me with my writing better. Therefore, if you were once an avid reader and have lost the touch of it, this is the perfect time to reconnect to your stack of untouched lying favourites.

* Fun with family

Family to me always comes first! In the times of lockdown, your family is what is going to keep you together by supporting you and making you laugh or be your partners in fun. The lockdown has brought us closer than ever. Kunal and I make sure that we engage ourselves with some or the other interesting activity. We try to indulge Inaaya in various activities such as drawing, puzzles, colouring, learning the alphabet or numbers, and sometimes we gaze out of windows and play the “I spot” game from the balcony.

* Experiment with healthy snacks

I love snacks that are filling and healthy and so does my family, hence I cook our meals that are rich in nutrients. Since almonds are one of my favourite snacks to munch on, I make sure that my recipes include a handful of almonds. They not only keep you full but also prevents you from binging on unhealthy options as they help suppress hunger in between meals. Some of my favourite dishes are Sheera with nuts, Almond Soy milk, Roasted Almonds with a spicy touch, definitely worth trying.

* Exercising with FAM Jam indoors

The lockdown has put a hold on the gyms but not on us, hence I make sure to take out time to exercise for an hour. Kunal and I motivate each other to perform the basic exercises at home. Occasionally we take Zumba and Yoga sessions for Inaaya and love to watch her groove with the music. The funniest thing is she exercises with us and it is cute to watch her try and learn the basics with us.

* Skincare routine

Maintaining the glow inside out is important. I use facemasks once in a week to exfoliate the impurities and dust from my skin. It is also important to take care from within; therefore, I hydrate myself and intake lots of water. Make sure to include Vitamin E in your diet as it may help in imparting anti-aging properties and benefits skin health. I make sure to include almonds in my diet and make it a part of my beauty routine as it fills my body up with the right nutrients. I also make sure to use a Vitamin C facial oil for my skin.

The lockdown isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is not! One needs to detoxify from the hustle-bustle of the city and take measures to stay home, fit and healthy. Make sure to indulge yourself in activities that are fun and productive.