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Fantico, a digital licensed collectibles platform, focusses on curating assets in the fields of cinema, sports, art, music and other valuable collectibles. The platform has put up digital collectibles of the iconic Swarathma band marking their music album launch today.

Music keeps us plugged in always, be it post work or a workout or just build an atmosphere with a cuppa over the weekend. It only gets better if the band is folk fusion whose creativity stands for a cause. Swarathma, a Bangalore based, band is a well-balanced with layered compositions rooted in tradition.

Abhayanand Singh, Group CEO and Co-Founder of Vistas Media Capital said, “With this unique NFT launch on our platform which merges the physical and the digital world, we hope that we can bring in a new method of monetization for such creations. With music that is strong and beautiful, contemporary and relevant, hard-hitting and tongue-in-cheek, they’re one of India’s most sought-after bands. We are happy to add Swarathma to our list of collectibles on Fantico which is redefining fandom on the digital metaverse and create a unique experience for fans.”

These collectibles are not only digital but are also backed by original physical assets, the ones showcased on the platform. Below are the details of the items:

  • Sleep with Swarathama – Sleep with Swarathma is possibly the best way to experience the band’s all-singing, all-dancing celebration of sleeplessness. The Dus Minute Aur official artwork of the Boy and his Cat, that represents the tyranny of the alarm clock in our lives. The horizontal and square adapts are included. Speaking of the alarm clock, a 30 second audio file from the song that can become an alarm ringtone. The high-quality audio file features the delay-drenched opening guitar riff of the song with the first few bars of the lyrics. It includes exclusive merchandise box set with the epic sleep eye cushion that features the artwork in a comfortable sleeved elastic sleep-aid, a postcard and sticker and a handwritten note from the band. Also, a virtual private performance of the song by the band, going live from studio for you, at a mutually agreed schedule follows.

And finally, to top it all, 2 tickets to Swarathma’s next public performance in your city with a backstage meet-n-greet with the band where they will convey their undying gratitude for your love. And yes, selfies also.

  • Dus Minute Aur – It celebrates Swarathma’s latest single that has gone on to become one of Rolling Stone Magazine’s Top 10 singles of 2021. A banger of a track is a snooze button in a song, it talks about those precious 10 minutes of shut eye, a universal feeling for everyone who has ever wished for more sleep. The NFT collection brings together some incredible curated experiences, merchandise and artwork.
  • Beta Sweater Pehno – An unreleased, early demo recording of the song from the time the song was composed. Before the song became a powerful statement on parental pressure that was featured on the award winning The Family Man S2, it was a just a jammed track with just the main song title as the only real lyric. The idea at the time was to capture the melody and musical parts enough to share the song with the lyricist. This early demo version of the song has never been released. The NFT comes with the experience of a private, online live performance of the song where the band will perform an acoustic version for you from their studio at a mutually scheduled date and time.
  • Mushkil Mein Jeena – Mushkil Mein Jeena is a virtual hug in the form of a song. Released in June 2020 at the height of the first lockdown, the song struck a chord with thousands who resonated with the simple message: remember to live even when times are hard. The NFT has a rare demo version of the song from the band member’s private records of when the song was first composed in the jam room. This was before the lyrics were written, and the working lyric was simply “Nahin na”. In fact, the phrase Nahin na was retained as the working title of the song for a while before the band tried to weave it into the song before finalising the lyrics. This demo of the song has never been shared publicly.

The artwork of this song created by Aasma Noor is perhaps one of the most distinctive things about the song – the image of a young girl delightfully splashing through puddles even as the rain pours on her umbrella, highlights the song’s message. In this NFT we bring you a time-lapse of the creation of the artwork. The sketch is filled out with colours and textures with the lettering and shading.

It comes with the experience of a private, online live performance of the song where the band will perform an acoustic version for you from their studio at a mutually scheduled date and time.

  • Beta Sweater Pehno Artwork Animation – The official artwork of the Beta Sweater Pehno song features snippets from what you might see on a school blackboard – things that remind you of mathematics, chemistry and more. It brings alive the message that the band sought to convey through the song and music video created by illustrator Akshaya Krishnan.
  • Pyaasi NFT – Pyaasi (The Thirsty) is Swarathma’s best known song, featured on playlists, requested at every concert and covered by young musicians around the country. It is imagined as the voice of the mother river Kaveri as she laments over her children fighting, squabbling and politicking over her waters.  The NFT features the official music video of the song with the creation story narrated by Vasu Dixit.

About Fantico:

Fantico, a digital licensed collectibles platform, focusses on curating assets in the fields of cinema, sports, art, music and other valuable collectibles. Fantico is a spinoff of Vistas Media Capital, one of the fastest growing companies in the media and entertainment sector headquartered in Singapore. Fantico aims to connect Indian audiences directly with the creators to enhance the fan experience.

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About Vistas Media Capital (VMC):

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