Eliminating the hassle of pills, &ME introduces delicious Menopause Cookies for women

Gautami Kapoor, Dr Tanaya Narendra, Dr Varalaxmi Yanamandra and Ms Anuyah Korrapati come together to break the taboos around Menopause and launch “Menopause Cookies” in India on World Menopause Day 2020!

&Me is a Bengaluru based D2C consumer health start-up which is leading the charge in building lifestyle based consumer products for women’s unique health needs.

Backed by stern research on the needs of women, &Meworks towards providing effective, natural non pill based solutions. In the last 2 years, with products for PCOS, PCOD, Period pain, UTI, Weight Loss et al, &Me has identified a massive underserved opportunity and carved a niche for itself.

Pushing towards solving for the 13Crore women in India in the 40+ age group, &Me recently announced the launch of their new product Meno Diet– Menopause Cookies. This product is the first ever food based, natural and complete solution to help women across the age bracket of 40 to 60 years with Menopause transition.

Why Cookies? &Me team strives to drive the conversation on women health, while making it easy for women to adopt the products in their busy lifestyles. Since, “Chai time” is when Indian women sit down and finally relax, &Me Menopause cookies with Chai will hence not be forgotten and Reinforce the moment of self-care.

&Me menopause cookies are made after 6 months of research to obsess holistic product composition and taste. Each has 27 ingredients from Ayurveda and Modern Science while being, free of Maida, preservatives and absolutely no artificial ingredients. It seeks to help manage the changes due to the declining estrogenic levels, Hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, joint pain and weight.

The launch of the Menopause cookies was done via a very strong panel discussion including voices like Gautami Kapoor, a renowned and celebrated actress from the television and film fraternity, Anuhya Korrapati is a JRF Doctoral Fellow at Christ University, Bengaluru. She is also the founder of Beyond Blood, an organization that initiated an inclusive menstrual-mental health movement to spotlight PMDD and PME. The panel also hosted Dr.Varalakshmi Yanamandra as the Managing director of AyurWellness& Pain Centre, UK and an international speaker in several international Ayurveda conferences and Dr.Tanaya is an internationally trained medical doctor, embryologist, and scientist.

Talking about the menopausal cookies Sheta Mittal, Co-Founder &Me says, “13 Crore women in India are going through Menopause and there are over 10 lakh monthly searches on the topic. However, there are barely any conversations around the topic or even a go to product that women could use. This pained me for quite a while. Research told us Menopause symptoms can be managed with nutrition and that drove us to work tirelessly for 6 months to launch these Menopause cookies! We wanted the product to be natural, able to help with the root causes of menopause symptoms, and convenient to incorporate in the life. A solution that will help women transition into menopause with ease and that No women would have to worry about it”

Sheta further says, “Our vision is to build a health destination for women across 20 – 50 years. One where women will find effective and natural solutions for her health needs, to be able to track progress and get judgement free on-click advice. We want to be a partner in her health journey.”

The cookies are priced at 249 Rs and are available here.

About The Founders

Sheta Mittal and Ankur Goyal are the Co-founders of &Me.

Sheta is an Aerospace Engineer from IIT Bombay and a graduate from the Harvard Business School, Sheta has worked with NIKE, Boston Consulting Group and Future Group in the past.

Ankur Goyal is An IIT Delhi and Stanford Graduate School of Business alumnus with over 8 years of experience and a passion for innovation in the food and beverage industry, Ankur has worked with Nestle and Paper boat in the past.

About The Company

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, &Me is a Women’s health brand with a mission to empower women with health by solving for her unique functional needs across Menstrual health, Fitness, Beauty and Wellness.

&Me was conceptualized when there were limited brands catering to women’s health. The aim was to provide efficient services for which they conducted rigorous research and spoke to women, gynaecologists, nutritionists in order to come up with a precise, faultless solution. Two years later, in 2020, the company has a product range that deals with healthcare aspects like PCOS/PCOD management, period care, UTI relief, skin care and weight management. The company is proud to announce that they have served over 2.5 lakh women and have a strong digital building community of over 1 lakh women.

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