India is the 7th most breached country of 2022, global study reports

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Annual study by cybersecurity company Surfshark shows that a total of 310.9M accounts were breached in 2022, with 1 in 3 breached accounts being of Russian origin. China takes second place with a 45% year-on-year growth, while the U.S. appears third with a nearly 9-fold decrease since 2021. India had 4.7M breached email accounts, improving its position from 3rd to 7th since 2021. The report found Asia to be the 2nd most affected continent after Europe, with breached users mostly coming from China, Indonesia and India.

Global data from Surfshark’s data breach statistics tool records more that 310M breached internet users in 2022, as opposed to 959M seen in 2021. Yearly report ranks Russia 1st in the world by leaked accounts (104.8M), followed by China (34M), The U.S. (23.5M), France (20.1M), Indonesia (14.7M), Brazil (8.7M), India (4.7M), Germany (3.6M), Australia (3.4M) and Turkey (3.2M). The top 5 most-breached countries account for nearly two thirds of all leaked accounts in 2022.

“Every second of 2022, 10 internet users have lost their data.” – says Agneska Sablovskaja, Lead Researcher at Surfshark. “While these numbers remain unsettling, we’re happy to report an immense global decrease of 68% compared to last year. Some countries, including U.S., India and Brazil, managed to improve their situation significantly, while Indonesia, China and Russia experienced the biggest surges in data breaches year-over-year. ”

India sees 94% less breached users in 2022, but still ranks among the top 10

India had 4.7M breached email accounts, 94% more year-over-year. As a result, the country moved from 3rd to a better 7th place in the 2022 ranking. Swachh city data breach in January affected the largest number of Indian email accounts (91.8K), amounting to 2% of all breaches of the year. Flipkart and ClickASnap were among the biggest too, responsible for 69.7K and 44.7K users breached respectively.

Globally, 2022 had 68% less breached users than 2021. While the majority of countries around the world showed improvement, the sharpest victim spikes were spotted in Indonesia (269%), Sri Lanka (204%), Russia (191%), Uzbekistan (73%) and China (45%).

The most breached region was Europe, with Asia following closely behind

Half of all breaches of 2022 (153.3M) happened to European email accounts. The flood of Russian data breaches has put Europe at the top of the continental rankings.

Meanwhile, Asia amounted to a fourth of all world’s breaches with 74.2M, mostly coming from China, Indonesia and India. The IndiHome breach was the biggest in the region and leaked as many as 12.6M of them.

Russia was the hotspot of data breaches in 2022

The United States remained the single most breached country of this decade up until Ukraine’s invasion at the end of February. Russia has been topping the charts since then, holding a third of all accounts leaked and also having the highest number of breaches per 1K people, as much as 718. At the same time, Ukraine had 54 victims per 1K people last year, 30% less than in 2021.


The Data Breach World Map was developed in partnership with independent cybersecurity researchers, who collected loads of user data from over 27K breached databases that appeared online. Researchers could then sort those combinations based on specific data points, such as countries, and perform a statistical analysis of their findings. Users’ locations were identified by email or website domain name, country, city, coordinates, IP address, locale, currency or phone number.

The Data Breach World Map is updated every month with the most recent data from our independent partners. At the time of this particular study, the data analyzed was from January 1st 2022 to December 31st 2022 and compared to the same period in 2021. Countries with a population of less than 1M people are not included in the analysis. For the full methodology, please refer to:


Surfshark is a privacy protection toolset developed to help its users control their online presence seamlessly. The Surfshark One suite includes one of the very few VPNs audited by independent security experts, an officially certified antivirus, a private search tool, and a data leak alert system. In 2021, Surfshark was recognized as the Most Innovative Security Service at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards and a Must-have App in TechRadar’s WFH Awards.

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