Reliance Life Sciences to roll out confirmatory tests for Covid-19: Mukesh Ambani

New Delhi, April 6 (IANS) Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) Chairman Mukesh Ambani has announced that Reliance Life Sciences has developed its own confirmatory tests for COVID-19 which are available to all RIL employees on priority and will soon be rolled out in the community.

In an internal note on Saturday, Ambani informed about the comprehensive COVID-19 tracking and treatment facility for all RIL staff and their dependents.
He also announced that Reliance Life Sciences has developed its own confirmatory tests for COVID-19 which are available to all RIL employees on priority and will soon be rolled out in the community.
RIL’s company-wide online Symptoms Checker was available to all Reliance employees and family members and will soon be rolled out to its wider community in Mumbai and India.
He advised staff to continue to practise safe social distancing, report daily on the RIL’s company-wide online Symptoms Checker to track health of all staff and their dependents, to use the in-house technology platforms for virtual care and, most importantly, to stay positive, productive, and optimistic through these times.
Ambani informed how the Symptom Checker was an end-to-end COVID-19 platform to manage the healthcare and well-being employees and family members by not only facilitating the daily self-monitoring of symptoms but also triggering emergency medical response for immediate attention, if required.
RIL Chairman noted that RIL’s collective efforts were appreciated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself and said that “We should continue to live up to the trust that he has reposed in the Reliance family”.
“We bear a special responsibility because almost all our current businesses and all the current activities of Reliance Foundation are in the nature of ‘Essential Services’ for India’s war against COVID-19,” he added.
In a note addressed to all staff of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) and its group companies, Ambani wholeheartedly appreciated and applauded the commitment and service of each RIL staff to the country and the company. He said he was truly humbled to witness each one across the organisation displaying extraordinary levels of commitment in battling a most formidable adversity in modern history: the COVID-19 pandemic.
He noted that adversity has always brought out the best in Reliance throughout its history and it has proved this yet again now when our beloved country and the rest of the world are battling this formidable adversity.
However, he noted that the war was not over and said, “While we have done tremendously well so far, we cannot rest until India has fully conquered the coronavirus calamity. The public health crisis is daunting alone, but the economic and humanitarian crises on our hands must also be addressed. Each one of you in the Reliance family has the power to make India safer, healthier, and stronger.”
Ambani noted how RIL staff in each of the businesses were playing their role for the country in these difficult times. “Therefore, I firmly believe that each one of our colleagues across our businesses deserves to be honoured as Frontline Warriors,” he said.
Ambani also shared with staff some of the key work being done by various RIL businesses including Jio, which has become the lifeline for nearly 40 crore Indians and providing specific online healthcare facilities.
Reliance Retail is supplying most essential food and other items to millions of Indian families unceasingly and also sourcing equipment and materials required for testing, isolation and treatment, including sanitation and personal protective equipment
Reliance Life Sciences is enhancing India’s COVID-19 testing capabilities by developing its own confirmatory tests.
RIL plants, ports, and sites are working non-stop to keep the wheels of the economy moving, ensuring India remains secure in fuel and energy.
In addition, Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital established a dedicated 100-bed COVID-19 treatment facility at Seven Hills hospital in Andheri, Mumbai, in just a matter of 10 days.
“Together, I am confident that we will be able to pull through this difficult time and emerge safely in health and in wellbeing as one big Reliance Family,” Ambani concluded.