Iran welcomes nomination of al-Kadhimi as Iraqi PM

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Tehran, April 10 (IANS) Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday welcomed the nomination of Mustafa al-Kadhimi as new Iraqi prime minister, according to the state TV.

“The Islamic Republic has invariably supported independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity, and political stability in Iraq, and considers formation of consensus among all of its political movements through democratic pathways to be the only peaceful solution for all differences,” the Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi was quoted as saying, reported Xinhua news agency.
Iran considers the current consensus that has led to al-Kadhimi’s appointment as “a right step in the right direction,” said Mousavi.
On Thursday, Iraqi President Barham Salih named al-Kadhimi, director of Iraq’s National Intelligence Service, as the new prime minister-designate and tasked him with forming a new government in a month.