Now draft posts for bosses on Workplace from Facebook

San Francisco, April 24 (IANS) The unified enterprise social platform Workplace by Facebook has introduced a new feature called Draft For, that allows employees to write posts for executives to be published in their internal social network.

If senior executives approve of the post, they can review and publish the post under their name, reports Venture Beat.

Facebook also introduced the ability to track employee response to a series of posts. The feature also predicts how employees will feel about particular posts.

“Employees can create Q&A posts to address questions in groups or across an organization. Others can add or upvote questions to signal what answers are needed most from management,” said the report.

Another featuee called Safety Alerts – to give employers power to send employees standalone safety-related notifications – is scheduled to launch in June.

Facebook last year announced video calls on Portal devices for Workplace customers, yet to arrive in the platform.

The Workplace has been developing the use of video for a while and the aim is to make a way for superiors to send out messages to workers or for people to create group chats about projects.

In October, Facebook announced that Workplace has reached 3 million paid users.

The service starts at $1.50 per month per front-line worker and then has tiers up to $4 and $8.

The enterprise social platform was first released in 2016.