Peter Andre grateful to have an extra large bed

Los Angeles, April 7 (IANS) Singer Peter Andre and his wife Emily have been taking extra precautions during COVID-19. He is grateful he has got an extra large bed because it’s “perfect for social distancing” from his doctor wife.

“We’re trying to keep our distance and be as sensible as possible. But we’re still husband and wife so that is difficult. Thank god our bed is two metres wide, so it’s perfect for social distancing. Emily worries about passing coronavirus on to me because I’m in my late 40s but I’m not worried about me, I just wouldn’t want the kids to get it,” Andre told OK! magazine, reports female
Can they still be affectionate? He said: “We actually avoided that for a few days but we’ve been kissing and hugging through windows.”
The 47-year-old singer has two children — Junior, 14, and Princess, 12 — with former-wife Katie Price, and two children — Amelia, six, and Theo, three — with Emily. He is taking on the bulk of childcare and homeschooling.
His wife insisted they are not going “overboard” and she’s still able to be with the children when she’s home from work.
She said: “We’re not going overboard. I don’t have to totally avoid them unless I develop any symptoms. But when I come home from work, before I go near them, I have a shower. And I always have hand sanitiser on me.”
Junior is currently self-isolating after developing symptoms of the disease but the couple insisted he is doing “fine”.
Andre said: “We don’t know if he has the virus or not as he hasn’t been tested, but he has had a temperature and a cough, so he’s self-isolating in his room. I’ve been making his food. I leave it outside his bedroom door and run away. Then he texts me, ‘Thanks for the prison food dad!’ “
Emily added: “He’s fine though, it’s like he’s got a bit of a cold. We’re checking on him regularly.”
The “Mysterious Girl” hitmaker tagged his wife a “hero” for her medical work.