Pink regrets cutting her own hair amid lockdown

Los Angeles, April 12 (IANS) Pop star Pink says she had second thoughts about becoming her own hairstylist after choosing to kill time on lockdown at home by giving herself a hair cut.

The “So what” hitmaker is donning a new “mullet” look after her haircut plans did not go the way it was planned,
“I used to do my own hair but that was a long time ago… I’ve shaved my head many, many times,” Pink told TV personality and friend Ellen DeGeneres.
She added: “I was drinking a lot and I was feeling really brave and (husband) Carey (Hart) had clippers in the bathroom… In my head I thought, ‘It’ll just taper nicely…’ I didn’t realise that I didn’t have the guard on, so it just went… to bald… so I just took it all the way back and down on both sides.”
“So now I feel like I have, like, a mullet.”
Pink says she’s the spitting image of “Vikings” star Alex Hogh Andersen, who plays disabled character Ivar the Boneless on the show.
“I look like him now,” she added.