Giving the power of VOICE to your apps.

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Getting public glare and media attention from the world’s leading and elite business magazine ‘Forbes’ at the initial founding years is dreamlike and the proudest moment for Whitehead AI.

Read the Forbes article here.

Governed by the philosophy of making technology accessible, Whitehead has certainly been successful in busting myths surrounding AI wherein companies had to think hard and strong before introducing AI in their business.

Founded in the year 2019 in Singapore, Whitehead is a brainchild of a visionary & a serial entrepreneur with Indian origins, Diwank Singh Tomer. Diwank is a Thiel fellow and a Columbia University dropout. The old school thinking of having a secure career after passing out from one of the prestigious universities couldn’t bind him for long and he embarked on the journey of writing his own story in the field of technology.

Through Whitehead AI, Diwank’s aim and vision is to simplify the underlying technology over which robust conversational apps/ chatbots or voice bots could be built. We consensually believe, when humans and machines work together, the results are phenomenal but making them work in tandem and achieve higher levels of accuracy and performance requires a lot of research and effort behind the scenes. Understanding human speech, body language, emotions, all the things that come naturally to human beings, is technically challenging to feed in the machine and train it to understand the nuances of the conversation to give the most relevant & appropriate responses. All these challenges couldn’t deter Diwank from moving ahead in the uncharted territory of Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) to find a scientific solution based on the neural patterns of the human mind. The result is a cognitive framework that can act as a catalyst for building complex multiturn conversations and sophisticated chat/ voice bots in one-tenth of the code and one-hundredth of the effort than it requires today.