Tehran’s famous bazaar to shut due to Covid

Tehran, April 10 (IANS) The historical Grand Bazaar of Tehran, a major hub for Iran’s economy, will be closed for two weeks following the sharp rise in the number of Covid-19 cases across the country.

The authorities on Friday also announced the suspension of other businesses, excluding the suppliers of basic services and commodities, for two weeks, reports Xinhua news agency.

According to the Head of Tehran Chamber of Guilds, Nodeh Farhani, “the heads of the unions have been informed to close the Tehran market and guild for two weeks, starting from Saturday”.

The Grand Bazaar is split into several corridors over 10 km in length, each specializing in different types of goods.

It also contains mosques, guest houses, and banks.

On Friday, Iran’s health ministry announced that the nationwide caseload has hit 2,029,412, with the fatalities reaching 64,039.