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New Delhi, April 1 (IANSlife) While some of us are either listening to the radio, attending a virtual concert, others are looking at picking up a new skill to occupy their hours.

Our usual work routine has led to most of us forgetting to follow our passion. Nature has given us an opportunity to focus on the positivity that lies within us. Working on oneself is the best investment an individual can make. Enrich your souls by learning a new skill or brushing up old hobbies, says Mr Sachin Sharma, Head, Marketing, Casio India.

So, what are you waiting for- let that nostalgia hit you! Lift off the cloth from that old drum set, clean those piano keyboards, play with those guitar strings and start the “School of Music” at home!

Even if you have forgotten or none of your family members know how to play an instrument, there is always a chance that you can download specific applications on the phone which are as good as having a music teacher give you live music lessons at home. Take the example of Chordana Play, a music application supported by Android smartphones which aids one to take three-step lessons using either the app’s keyboard or a USB-connected musical instrument keyboard. There is also a scoring system that monitors progress, Sharma suggests.

The number of benefits that music lessons bring with them are something really worth understanding. The positivity that music gives umpteen health benefits to distract yourself from all the chaos created due to the present scenario.

Here are a few reasons why one should practise music and spend their time fruitfully indoors.

Keeps the mature brain healthy

As an individual grows older, the mind tends to become inactive. Listening to and playing music boosts mental sharpness and increases memory. It increases the attention span and regulates the emotions. Especially for people who face anxiety, who are nervous and unconfident; music can bring life altering changes.

Music makes you smarter

Multiple surveys bear testimony to the fact that musical education help in increasing focus that ultimately makes one smarter. When one learns how to play a musical instrument, not only do they learn how to make tunes, but also it enhances other capabilities of the brain as well.

Music cultivates discipline and patience

Patience, perseverance along with passion not only increases the productivity of an individual but also leads to a disciplined life. Learning music can imbue all these qualities in a person. It requires a good amount of time, but the result of a composition is worth the wait.

Boosts creativity

Once you learn music, you can experiment and create wonders. It lets your creative juices flowing and gives meaning to your emotions.

Builds immunity system

Music allows you to release your frustrations. It can trigger immunological responses which helps in fighting illness and getting rid of viruses.

Apart from all these benefits, music makes you happy! In these testing times, it is most important to maintain calmness, spread positivity and make the most of one’s isolation. Begin social distancing by having individual affinity while playing musical instruments because music is not just an amalgamation of tunes – but a therapy to be practised worthwhile.

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