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New Delhi, April 1 (IANSlife) Lockdown Week-two, and most of us have made the best use of this to clean and refurbish our homes, amongst other stuff.

If you still haven’t joined the “Spring Cleaning” bandwagon, what in the world are you waiting for? It’s the perfect time to move things around, clean those difficult corners and make your pad a real nesting place.

Here are some expert tips to consider while re-modelling by using artificial lighting:

As important as natural light is for a house, what excels in portraying the character of a space is artificial lighting. Lighting is the key to exceptional interior design, as it impacts the spatial perception and scale. Today, lighting is a prominent décor accent which enhances the design vocabulary of a space; artistic lampshades, in chosen corners act as a sculptural element, says Shobhit Kumar, Founding Principal, RSDA.

In formal areas, tall table lamps in clear or tinted glass not only help in enhancing the luxury factor, but also declutters space; large fabric lampshades help in brightening up commercial spaces in a subtle manner. For informal spaces such as balconies, pendant lights add an aesthetic value.

Wellness projects such as salons and spas demand well-strategized lighting, not only to rejuvenate the experience but also get a signature look; organic and parametric designs are now defining such spaces.

Playing with materials of lampshades can assist in changing the mood of the spaces; pendant lamps in colourful eclectic fabric spruce up dull corners of your home.

Decorative glass pendants that are hung in clusters at varying heights instantly establish design.

Antique metal finish pendant lamps that are placed in a corner by the window, add an accent to the room while maintaining controlled and warm light.

Clear glass pendants have been trending in commercial and residential spaces owing to their contemporary and minimal nuances.

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