Micro plan to conduct medical survey in Covid-19 hotspots in Gurugram

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    Gurugram, April 9 (IANS) The Gurugram district administration has decided to implement a micro containment plan to cordon off areas within 3-km radius of places where corona-infected patients have emerged so far.

    Amit Khatri, district magistrate of Gurugram said: “These places are sector 9A, Palam Vihar, sector 54 Nirvana country, Sector 83 Emmar Palm Garden, Laburnum society and sector 39. These are upscale residential societies and infected condominiums are already locked down. Besides, three villages namely Raipur, Pataudi (Helimandi) and Fazilpur where corona infected patients are found.”
    “As per the plan, our health team will scan every house falling under 3-km radius from these places. Each team will have doctors of state government, Anganwadi workers and volunteers. They will collect health history of every person to ascertain symptoms of fever, cough, their foreign travel histories followed by sanitation of the areas,” Khatri said.
    “After the emergence of Covid-19 patients, these areas have been declared as containment zones. The medical survey is currently underway to find out infected persons in these places. We have deployed 39 duty magistrates in the district and all of them have been asked to submit reports on a daily basis,” Khatri said.
    The situation in rural areas like Fazilpur, Raipur and Pataudi is also scary. In Fazilpur, an elderly person died due to coronavirus. He was an addict of hookah. As in Haryana, one hookah is used by many persons, the chances of spread is higher here.
    “We have extensively conducted medical survey in the village to find out other infected persons. Similarly, in Raipur and Pataudi (Helimandi) where Tablighi Jamaat persons were found infected. Hence entire villages are locked down by the district administration,” Khatri said.

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