A Congressman in Kerala provides succour to the hapless

Thiruvananthapuram, April 5 (IANS) A 43-year-old Congressman Niyaz Bharathi, in an act of good samaritan, delivered two truckloads of essential items worth over Rs one lakh to be distributed to 110 families living in trying times in a tea estate.

The tea estate is located near the popular hill station – Ponmudi and for many years, it’s partially closed, leaving the estate workers to fend for themselves by engaging in rural employment guarantee programmes, which is available once in a while.
Hailing from Kollam, Bharathi was in the news last year when he on his own set the ball rolling for a housing facility for the homeless by gifting his ancestral property to 20 beneficiaries, with each getting four cents of land each.
Speaking to IANS, Bharathi, an advocate by profession, said he realised that the 110 families living in the estate which has been locked down for a decade would be going through trying times.
“So I decided to help them and gave each of the families a kit of essential items to 110 families. I have been going to them for a while now and I know how tough life would be for them. So I did not think a second time and brought two truckloads of things and distributed it,” said Bharathi.
These estate workers are mostly Tamils and have been been living in dilapidated estate houses.
“The homes that they live is in very poor condition and many of it can come down any time,” added Bharathi.