A meal-in-a-bowl while in lockdown

New Delhi, April 26 (IANSlife) Craving for a much-needed protein fix or just a meal which is wholesome and doesn’t take a whole army to make?

Chef Tanuj Nayyar, Executive Chef at Jaypee Residency Manor, Mussorie has just the recipe you need. His one bowl meal recipe will take care of your nutrition needs and tastebuds during this period of quarantine

Nutrient-loaded Chicken Krapow.


Chicken boneless: 130 gm

Chopped ginger: 4 gm

Chopped garlic: 5 gm

Chopped lemon grass: 3 gm

Chopped celery: 3 gm

Chopped onion: 8 gm

Fresh red chillies: 3

Boiled rice: 150 gm

Salt: 3 gm

Five spice powder: 2 gm

Degi mirch powder: 3 gm

Spichi stir fry sauce: 3 gm

Basil leaves: 10 gm

Refined oil: 10 ml

Vinegar: 3 ml

Chilli paste: 4 gm

Bolied rice: 190 gm

Cornflour: 5 gm

Egg; 1


1. Marinate chicken in five spice powder, salt, sugar and degi mirch.

2. Heat oil in wok.

3. Add chopped garlic sautee.

4. Add chopped ginger, chop celery, chop lemon grass and chop onion.

5. Add chicken and sautee.

6. Add little water, allow chicken to cook.

7. Add chilli paste and spichi sauce.

8. Adjust seasoning.

9. Adjust consistency with corn flour.

10. Served topped on a bed of boiled rice.

11. Garnish with fresh basil leaves, fresh sliced red chillies and a fried single egg.