Anniversary lunch leads to Covid-19 spread in Morena

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Morena, April 4 (IANS) The mystery of sudden jump in coronavirus cases in Morena was unravelled on Friday night, when it was found that the infected people had attended a meal organised on the death anniversary of a woman, 10 days ago.

A young couple, who had returned to Morena from Dubai on March 22 had invited 22 relatives to their mother’s death anniversary. The guests included eight children.
Ten people who shared the meal with the couple have contracted coronavirus.
The couple tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday. The same day samples of 22 people, who attended the anniversary, were sent for test. Of this, 10 tested positive and the rest negative on Friday. They have, however, been asked to go for another examination.
The couple was resident of the Bajrangnagar area of Maharajpura Road of the city. The ward has been sealed to contain coronavirus infection.
According to CMHO R.C. Bandil, the young man’s wife was not keeping well for the past one week. She had contacted many doctors and medical staff. Their samples have also been sent for examination. Everyone who had any connection with the couple is being traced for possible infection.