Be friends with your diary again amid lockdown:Thespians

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New Delhi, April 10 (IANS) While the Corona crisis is at its peak forcing India’s largest democracy to stay home, thespians have some ideas to make your lockdown worth a time.

The actors suggest putting minds to creative activties like writing, drawing or engaging in any form would not only keep oneself busy but would also help in maintaing a good mental health and reduce anxiety.
Speaking to IANS, Arunansh Shokeen, founder of Delhi based theatre group Natya Ustaad said, “This is the time to be friends with your diary. Maintaing a diary not only helps you remember things but would also help you grow your vocabulary, communication skills and would also become your memory bank.”
“You can write poetry, stories or what happened in the day. Maintaing mental health is the most important thing during this time. People should follow their passions and things they never found time for,” he added.
Veteran bollywood actor and Bhalla from Comedy classic Andaaz Apna Apna, Shehzad Khan said, “People should stay inside their homes and dedicate some time to meditation to keep your mind in proper shape.
“I do a lot of meditation, yoga and watch a lot of films to detoxify myself and stay away from news as it becomes depressing,” he added.
Atishay Malkotia, renowned RJ at Red FM Dehradun, told IANS, “Everyone had thought of some things which they planned to do when they get time. It’s time to check your to-do list. Be it the old guitar which is hanging by the paintball or the books lying in the shelf still to be read.”
He also said that it is the finest time to create memories with your family as all are at home and can spend good time together.
The Delhi government on Thursday updated the list of hotspots in the national capital adding a few more places taking the total number of high-risk COVID-19 areas to 25.
The initial list which had 20 hotspots was released by the government on Wednesday while on Thursday five more places were identified as hotspots.
Bengali Market was added in the list on Wednesday night itself after three fresh COVID-19 cases were reported while four new zones — Shashtri Market in JJ Colony, Sadar Bazar, B1 and B2 blocks in Paschim Vihar, Nizamuddin Dargah and Nizamudding Basti — were added on Thursday.