Bengaluru police to go after fake Covid messengers

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Bengaluru, April 10 (IANS) Bengaluru police said they would go after fake messengers inciting hate on social media, said a top police official on Friday.

“There is no point sending, forwarding and creating hateful messages. I am noticing a lot of them. We are going to trace and hunt these people,” said Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao at a press conference.
Rao said the police department will scientifically monitor the fake messages or news and zero in on the perpetrators even if takes long after the Covid lockdown.
The police commissioner issued the stern warning also to those people targeting a single community.
“Whatever has happened, let us deal with it. Instead of trying to analyse and trying to shame and trying to take names and etc,” said Rao, calling for public unity to deal with the global pandemic.
Appealing fervently to everybody, he also advocated people not to even like, forward or share such fake and hateful messages.
“My earnest prayer is that please do not like, forward or share such kind of messages. Be good citizens, there is no need to seek pleasure in such kind of negative information,” he observed.
Rao advised people to hit back at the fake messengers not to send such kind of messages and put their lives in a miserable condition.
Revealing that police have impounded some luxury cars in the city, Rao highlighted that many people are violating the lockdown and trying to take some big names to getaway.
He said this is not the time to flaunt one’s status and misrepresent facts.
“Someone was saying that I am a real estate person and I have to make payments. Someone was saying I am brother of such and such VIP. Don’t this is not the time to flaunt your status,” Rao pointed out.
Addressing the difficulties being faced by paying guest (PG) residents in the city, the top cop has also warned owners of PG accommodations not to subject the residents to hardships.
He said many residents have complained of food not being served to PG residents and electricity being disconnected.
“You will be dealt with very severely, once this period comes to an end. You will face criminal liability and you will be jailed if you try to harass any of these PG residents,” Rao cautioned PG owners.
By virtue of being an education and employment powerhouse, Bengaluru attracts thousands of students and working professionals from far and wide, who take shelter in hundreds of PG accommodations across the city.