Coronavirus opportunity for India to unite as one: Rahul

New Delhi, April 6 (IANS) A day after the nation showed unity and solidarity against the coronovirus on the call of the Prime Minister, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi sees an “opportunity” for the country to “unite” despite differences and forge one purpose to defeat the deadly virus.

Rahul Gandhi shared a picture of two boys of different religions playing with colour on Holi and tweeted “The coronavirus is an opportunity for India to unite as one people, putting aside differences of religion, caste & class; to forge one common purpose: the defeat of this deadly virus.”
“Compassion, empathy & self sacrifice are central to this idea. Together we will win this battle,” tweeted Gandhi.
The party on Monday emphasised the need of testing as “If testing is not exponentially ramped up, we will be wasting precious time in the fight to save lives. We just cannot afford to lose even a single day.”
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also on Monday appealed to the citizens to raise their voice for “testing” more people to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
Priyanka tweeted in Hindi and said, “To stop the spread of the coronovirus, the only way is to test more people so that the infected can be treated.”
“Test more people, treat more people should be mantra today, I request you to raise your voice for more testing.”