Covid-19 situation in Srinagar alarming, says DM

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Srinagar, April 9 (IANS) Spread of coronavirus in the Srinagar district was described as alarming by the administration, here on Thursday.

Addressing the media, Srinagar District Magistrate Shahid Iqbal Choudhary termed the coronavirus scenario worrisome but also assured that the administration was doing its best to contain the infection.
“There are 14 red zones, here. We have 1,000 teams with 4,000 people on job in these zones. We have to ensure that there is no leakage from the red zones. 800-900 people who hid their travel history had been traced by control room through crowd-sourcing of information and were quarantined or put under isolation,” Choudhary said.
He urged people to cooperate in contact tracing and reveal travel history voluntarily. “Our fight is not only against coronavirus outbreak. We are also focusing on patients suffering from other terminal illnesses,” he said.
Denying any shortage of medicines, Choudhary said, two aircrafts full of drugs arrived on April 6 and 7 and one more was expected on Thursday.
“We will ensure to get the required medicine from any place across the country. We have stock of life-saving drugs for 6 weeks. We are open to inspection if anybody has doubt,” he said.
As doctors and para-medical staff were risking their lives in the line of duty, supplies of PPE kits and masks were being streamlined. “During the lockdown, 9,000 counter transactions and 19,000 ATM transactions are happening a day,” he said.
SSP Srinagar Haseeb Mughal told the media, aerial surveillance were being conducted through drones and CCTVs were being monitored. “Deployment on ground is also there,” Mughal said.
“This is not usual law and order lockdown, but 24×7 lockdown. Don’t come out in the evening like you did during other days.
“Passes will be valid from the place of stay to the place of work from now onwards. The inter-district movement has to be restricted. Family and friends would not be entertained on one pass,” the SSP said.