Delhi Bar Council assures PM to follow lockdown

New Delhi, April 12 (IANS) Admitting that the country is passing through an unprecedented crisis due to the spread of COVID-19, Delhi Bar Council has assured Prime Minister Narendra Modi of providing its full support in following the lockdown measures to contain the virus.

In a letter to the Prime Minister Delhi Bar Council Chairman K.C. Mittal further said we want to assure you and the nation that the legal community will fully cooperate and play an active role to take all steps to curtail spread of novel coronavirus and to eliminate it totally.
“We want to assure you, our full cooperation and extend all support to the government in this regard. We appeal to all to follow lockdown diligently,” Mittal said.
He mentioned that the legal community in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) is “alive to the situation and has been fully observing total lockdown, despite innumerable difficulties being faced”.
“The increase of positive cases and consequent deaths has been painful, but it is also true that if lockdown wouldn’t have been imposed, it would have spread unimaginably and caused many deaths as is happening in other developed countries,” he wrote in the letter.
As a responsible citizen, he said, it is our duty to adhere to all the instructions to maintain social distance, use Mask and wash hands regularly.
“Further in order to enforce lockdown, no one should be allowed to hold congregation, party and any assembly nor any suspect be allowed to hide, go missing or be a carrier to spread. It is a national cause for each one of us to follow, irrespective of cast, colour or religion in National interest to save lives.”
Applauding efforts of doctors, nurses, other paramedics for their round-the-clock services even at the risk of their life, Mittal said: “We also hope that arrangements for necessary equipment, facilities and services would be put in place.”
The Prime Minister announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown on March 24 to contain the transmission of COVID-19. The lockdown will end on April 14. It is expected that the period of the lockdown may be extended as a total of 273 people have lost their lives across the country with over 8,000 confirmed cases.