Delhi explores partnership with Khan Academy for online classes

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New Delhi, April 7 (IANS) As the Delhi government schools started online classes for students entering class 12 from the new session, it has initiated talks with the ‘Khan Academy’ to explore an elaborate learning program for the students in the higher classes.

The Education Department said the talks are on for classes above nine, with an aim to expand the availability and accessibility of the educational resources, particularly in Maths and Science.
“More than 9,000 students have already signed up for the online classes that started on Monday, and the government is looking to design ways to help students continue with their learning during the nationwide lockdown,” an official from the Education Department said.
Delhi schools are shut because of the nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus. To compensate for the loss of education, the government has started e-classes for Class 12, while activities are being assigned to students up to class 8 through SMS or recorded calls.
To design an easy and well-structured learning plan for the students of other classes as well during the period of lockdown, the Delhi government is planning to tie up with the Khan Academy — an educational non-profit organisation.
The Khan Academy, which offers interactive learning materials for students, has been working to introduce guided self-learning ways for the school students with its own instructors.
“The government is aiming to utilize the content and resources offered by this educational portal to include it in addition to the already rolled out online classes for Class 12 students. The idea is to effectively continue with the academic cycles of the students, and not let the lockdown hamper their learning.”
Also, the official said there is also a possibility that the government may also start rolling out teacher training programs with the help of the Khan Academy.
“The area of focus of this tie up is on introducing a guided self-learning plan with Khan Academy instructors. Students will be provided with audio/video based content along with self-assessment exercises. Special doubt-clearing sessions on important topics will be held for students.”
The team would be instrumental in facilitating live discussions, and ensuring feedback from across all the corners.
“The government is also planning to start training mentor teachers with the help of Khan Academy so as to equip them to effectively conduct follow-up sessions for students right before the academic session starts.”