Delhi hero develops shields with 3-D printers for health workers

New Delhi, April 10 (IANS) Since the Covid-19 crisis gripped the nation, the safety and security of those fighting against the pandemic at the forefront is the talk of the town.

When the whole world is locked down in their home, this youngster from the national capital understood the need of the hour and developed an innovative method to create protective gear for the corona warriors at his home.
20-year-old Udit Kalra is manufacturing face shields at his home in Delhi’s Patel Nagar through a 3D printers and providing to the frontline of India’s defence against the pandemic i.e. the health care workers.
Speaking to IANS, Kalra said, “I got this idea earlier this month when my mother required the face shield in the hospital where she is working as there was some shortage of supplies. I got the design online as many designeres abroad have started this initiative.”
The prodigy is making 20-25 maks a day with the help of 3-D Printers. The process completes in around one and a half hour. Elastic, OHP Sheet and Elastic are the main components of this face shield.
“We put the design file in the computer software that makes a code for the printer to carry out the process, following which the printing procedure starts,” Kakar said while adding that he has got contracts from laboratories and doctorsA across Delhi for his initiative.
“Currently I have got around 6 contracts. I am currently not accepting orders from the cities or states as shipping at this point of time is not possible due to the lockdown,” Kakar said. These faceshields are used to protect the health workers from direct splatter from cough and sneezes. The polyacetic has holes for the respiration and fit over nose and mouth.