Disinfection tunnel to fight COVID-19 in Yogi’s home turf

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Gorakhpur, April 4 (IANS) In order to fight the deadly coronavirus outbreak in Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s home district Gorakhpur, a disinfection tunnel has been installed at the Mahewamandi gate here.

People who will pass through the area will go through this tunnel in which a special liquid will be sprayed for three to four seconds to kill the virus.
Gorakhpur Municipal COmmissioner Anjani Kumar Singh told IANS: “This has been prepared in Gorakhpur itself. The 200-litre tank is filled with liquid mixture of hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypo chloride. Once filled, this works for six to seven hours. Various studies have revealed that hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypo chloride act as disinfectants and are anti-viral, therefore, it will be sprayed on people. This solution is not harmful for the human body.”
“The tunnel has been installed at Mahewamandi on a trial basis as there are large number of traders here. Once the trial is successful, such tunnels will be installed across the city as they will be instrumental in fighting coronavirus. The cost of one tunnel is around Rs 50,000. It has been funded from the CSR fund,” he added.
He said four fountains in the tunnel will sanitize the whole body in three to four seconds and the liquid in the tunnel will kill all the viruses.
“Such an innovative experiment has happened here for the first time. It had been experimented in China, Turkey, Russia and Tamil Nadu in India. This has proved quite useful in other countries therefore, it is being used here now,” Singh added.