Fashion gets smart with anti-viral fabrics

New Delhi, April 24 (IANSlife) While we might grumble about being in lockdown, has the thought ever occured that once we are free to step out at our own sweet whim, will we have the courage to do so?

It might help to be dressed in antiviral fabrics, which while not guaranteeing us protection, at least gives us peace of mind. With the help of NEO TECH® technology which makes high quality, utilitarian products which have a shield against bacteria and viruses alike, life might become simpler.

GRADO is the first textile Company to produce fabrics engineered for protection against viruses and microbes using this Neo Tech® technology, with increased impetus on health and hygiene.

Developed by the Donear group companies and perfected by GRADO’s manufacturing units, the fabrics have been certified safe to wear and use for any kind of garment from suits to jackets and trousers.

The specially designed antiviral and anti-bacterial fabrics inhibit growth and retention of microorganisms, making them safe and hygienic. The fabrics retain their properties up to even 50 washes, and are suited for everyday wear. Having received wide acclaim from multiple industries – hospitality, hospitals, aviation, uniform providers (for schools/ universities/ factories), the retail industry and from the defense sectors, they just might be what the doctor ordered.

Commenting on the range, Rajendra Agarwal, Mentor, GRADO said, “Given the current world situation, we wanted to be in a position to offer a more hygienic product choice to the market post this lock-down; and what could be better than anti-viral clothing that can be worn by anyone and everyone. We are really happy about the outcome and also feel proud about contributing to the nation during these trying times.”

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