For social distancing, this man builds tree-house IN UP village

Hapur (UP), April 10 (IANS) This farmer has taken the concept of social distancing to a whole new level. He has built a tree-house for himself and stays there to maintain a distance form all.

Mukul Tyagi, a farmer, has built a tree-house in Asodha village in Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh with old and dried wood logs tied together to make a platform.
“With my son’s help, we cut the trees and joined the planks together. The ‘house’ was ready and we have been living here. I feel close to nature and the environment is also very clean. I am enjoying my experience of living in the wild. My food comes from home where my son and his family live in isolation,” he said.
Tyagi said he would like to continue living in the tree-house even after the corona scare is over.