Haryana to promote class 10 students without science exam

New Delhi, April 6 (IANS) Haryana government has decided to promote all students from class 1 to class 10 without any examination. Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said that no students would be detained in any class and will be promoted without any examinations.

Schools are closed as the country has been put under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.
For students of class 10, the chief minister said that students will be promoted for the next class on the basis of average marks obtained in subjects for which exams have already been conducted. The exam for the science subject has not been conducted yet.
Similarly, the class 11 students will be promoted to class 12 based on the exams already conducted. Examination for mathematics has not taken place yet. The exam for the maths subject will be conducted after situation is normal.
The Chief Minister said that students will be able to enroll in the next class as soon as the school reopens.
So far as students of class 12 are concerned, the decision will be taken after NCERT fives its opinion.