‘Healthcare workers risking lives without protective gears’

New Delhi, April 5 (IANS) Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday said that the health care personnel in India are “risking” their lives without personal protective equipment (PPE).

The Congress leader also appealed to the Centre to increase PPE to healthcare workers who are under constant and reliable testing to fight covid-19.
Gandhi tweeted, “We should pay respect to the people who are fighting covid-19”.
Paying respect to doctors, nurses and sanitation workers, we should remember that all of them have not got the PPE and without the prootective gears, the workers are risking their lives “
The party also said that the country needs 62 lakh PPE for the health workers.
“It as to be backed up by proper planning on how to increase testing kits that
will be provided to different hospitals, how to ensure that our health workers
are given PPEs, how to make sure that our health workers are protected.
Just like the lockdown alone cannot succeed in containing coronavirus, it has to be backed by massive testing and a massive economic package”, the party added.