K.M. Mani’s first death anniversary a low affair

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Kottayam (Kerala), April 9 (IANS) The first death anniversary of Kerala politician K.M. Mani, the leader of the third biggest ally of the Congress-led UDF, the Kerala Congress (Mani), was observed solemnly on Thursday on account of Covid-19 lockdown.

Following police instructions prohibiting gathering of a large number of people, only very close family members of Mani, including his son and Rajya Sabha member Jose K.Mani and his mother besides a few close family members, came to the cemetery and spent a few minutes in prayers at Pala, their political base and hometown.
Mani (86) passed away last year. He was the longest sitting legislator in the state.
He contested the Pala seat and won it from 1965 onwards. He also held the state record for presenting 13 state budgets as the Finance Minister.
After his death, his party has for all practical purposes split with one faction headed by his son and the other by party veteran P.J. Joseph.
Joseph also had paid his respects by visiting the cemetery today.
The two factions of the party had planned big programmes on the first death anniversary of Mani, but due to Covid-19, these were cancelled.