Lady cop plays good Samaritan in MP

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Khurai (MP), April 8 (IANS) Shrishti Shrotriya has won the hearts of her superiors in the police department as a diligent policewoman. Fellow citizens in Khurai, however, love her for being the good Samaritan that she is.

After she is through with her policing duty, the young lady constable dons the hat of a social worker. For the past four days under the lockdown, Shrotriya has sewn hundreds of masks to distribute among the people who can’t afford to buy them at exorbitant prices from the market.
Her colleagues were so pleased with her generosity that they made a video of her and posted on Twitter. It has expectedly gone viral.
Shrotriya doesn’t seem to like the fuss about her effort though. She realised the pharmacies were overcharging face masks which are essential for the safety against the rampaging Covid-19 pandemic.
After the masks made her popular with the people around her, the colleagues suggested that the whole police force could buy them from her.
Shrotriya said she found it quite fulfilling to help her colleagues and the people. In the past three days, her masks have insured many potential victims against coronavirus.
Rohit Mishra, in charge of her police station, said she and her colleagues take immense pride in Shrotriya’s passion for public service.