Music connects one with all


New Delhi, April 5 (IANSlife) Despite being in the midst of a pandemic and a nationwide lockdown, what amazes ‘Saree Ke Fall Sa’ singer Nakash Aziz is that people have found novel ways to collaborate, create and present content.

“People have found new ways of collaborating and have come up with good content, even after being so far from one other. It’s a very positive thing, I see. Music has no barriers, and it has always found different ways of crossing borders, seas and oceans. You can never tell how music can and does bring people together,” Aziz, 35, told IANSlife in an interview.
Aziz, a Mangalore-born composer and singer, has given the playback for songs like ‘Selfie Le Le Re’, ‘Jabra Fan’ and ‘Second Hand Jawaani’. He has also widely collaborated with A. R. Rahman.
Asked about his thoughts on music being an outlet and a relief to people during quarantine, he replies, “Music is something that helps people relax, and this is the time when people are really feeling the stress, the pressure and the fear. What better than music and entertainment to divert their minds? Music always helps. This is those times we remember why we are glad to have music in our life, and music in this world.”
When it comes to the business of music, Aziz is positive that after the Coronavirus crisis, music will be better than what it has been in the past few years. “Artistes have had one of month of alone time to sharpen their skills, which normally I don’t think they get,” he said. Adding that he is listening to people’s music contributions in the form of Corona anthems and poetry.
These days, Aziz is part of StayIN aLIVE, a platform for artists to come together to make a difference in the lives of those affected as well as each other in this unprecedented pandemic affecting the world, which even involves raising funds for artists, freelancers, workers who at the background of bringing presentations to life and those who have suffered from major setbacks during these times.
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