Muslims urged to pray at home on Shab-e-Barat

Hyderabad, April 8 (IANS) Islamic institutions and scholars have appealed to Muslims to offer prayers at their homes on Shab-e-Barat or the holy night on Thursday, in view of coronavirus pandemic and the nationwide lockdown.

They have urged people to observe the lockdown and avoid visiting mosques or graveyards to pray for departed relatives.
All major Islamic seats of learning have issued ‘fatwa’ or edicts, asking people, especially youth to pray at home.
Shab-e-Barat, or the night of fortune and forgiveness, is celebrated on the intervening night of 14th and 15th Shaban, the eighth month of Islamic calendar.
Shab-e-Barat is celebrated on a large scale every year in the run-up the holy month of Ramadan.
Muslims observe fast during day and spend the night offering prayers, seeking Allah’s forgiveness for their sins. They offer congregational prayers in the mosques, attend meetings addressed by Islamic scholars and visit graveyards to pray for their near and dear ones buried there.
Mufti Sadiq Mohiuddin of Jamia Nizamia, a renowned Islamic university in Hyderabad, has appealed to Muslims to offer the prayers at home and spend the night in namaz, recitation of Quran and special supplications seeking Allah’s mercy.
“Epidemics breakout because of Almighty Allah’s displeasure and that’s why all should seek His forgiveness and mercy,” the scholar said
Telangana Wakf Board has appealed to people to strictly observe the lockdown in view of Shab-e-Barat. It has asked the management committees of the mosques under its control to ensure that current restrictions continue on ‘namaz’
Chief Executive Officer Mohammed Qasim said all should abide by the lockdown orders issued by the Centre and the state government.
Imam of historic Mecca Masjid Maulana Hafiz Rizwan Qureshi said people should not step out of their houses.
The managing committees of all mosques have cancelled annual meetings planned on the occasion of Shab-e-Barat.
Ever since the lockdown began last month, all mosques across Telangana suspended congregational prayers. They are continuing Azan or call for prayers but only three to five people are offering five time prayers every day. Congregational prayers are also not being allowed on Fridays.
Police has been asked to main strict vigil, especially in the old city of Hyderabad to prevent people from coming out for prayers or for visiting graveyards.
A total lockdown is in force in Hyderabad and rest of Telangana. People are being allowed to come out to buy the essentials during day time with restrictions like not travelling beyond three km from their place of residence. Police is also strictly enforcing the night curfew from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.