Muslims, women believe prevailing situation will improve

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New Delhi, April 11 (IANS) Women, the Muslim community, old age people and those in the low income groups are highly optimistic and believe that Covid-19, which has wrecked havoc in the country, will subside and things will begin to improve soon, the IANS C-Voter Covid Tracker’s Index of Panicn survey revealed.

The data came out in the survey conducted from April 4-6. An unprecedented 64 per cent of women, 76.3 per cent of old people and 70.4 per cent of Muslims are of the view that the worst is over, and the situation will begin to improve.
Women performed better than men, though marginally, on the optimism yardstick. If the socio-economic pattern is observed, a whopping 65.3 per cent of people in the low income groups believe that they would sail through the crisis, even though they are extremely low on resources. Interestingly, the optimism in rural areas is also high as compared to urban India.
On the contrary, Indians in higher income groups believe that the worst is yet to come. Community wise, Sikhs are the least optimistic about any improvement in the incumbent situation as merely 43 per cent believed that it would improve anytime soon.
People who have completed higher education are highly optimistic about the situation. The optimism comes as a fresh whiff of air at a time when the country is facing the wrath of the deadly virus, which has already claimed over 200 lives.
The IANS C-Voter Covid Tracker findings and projections are based on a daily tracking poll on CATI, conducted during the last seven days among 18+ adults nationwide. The data is weighted to the known demographic profile of the states.
The Tracking Poll Fieldwork covered random probability samples during the last seven days from the release date. The sample spread is across all Assembly segments across all states. The sample size is 1,114.