Rampur DM helps rickshaw puller during lockdown

Rampur, April 11 (IANS) Amid all the negativity due to the coronavirus pandemic across the globe, an act of kindness by a top official of Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur district has brought some positive vibes.

A gesture of kindness by Rampur District Magistrate (DM) Aunjaneya Kumar Singh, who is known for his strict governance, on Friday came as a surprise for the people of Rampur and also his subordinates.
On Friday, Singh, was on the streets of Rampur to take stock of the lockdown when he saw a rickshaw puller.
He caught him and asked him that why was he on the road amid lockdown, while also telling he rickshaw puller that people who were violating the lockdown were being sent to jail.
The rickshaw puller told the DM that he was out to buy some medicines for which he had mortgage his phone for Rs 150 to someone.
Soon after hearing the condition of the poor rickshaw puller, Singh bought him the medicine for the whole month and even gave him Rs 150 so that he can get back his phone. The DM also asked the rickshaw puller to inform him when he gets his phone back.
A witness said: “The rickshaw puller was very happy after he got the medicine and the money. Filled with emotions, he couldn’t even thank the DM properly.”
After the rickshaw puller informed Singh that he got his phone back, the DM asked him that whether he needed anything else during the lockdown. In response, rickshaw puller told the DM that he has no been able to earn anything due to lockdown and that he doesn’t have ration.
The DM immediately arranged ration for him.
When IANS contacted Singh to confirm the incident, the DM said: “I have been posted as the DM for the public service only. If I am not able to help them during the crisis situation then who will help them. I have even asked all my subordinates anyone in need should be helped immediately and those who are creating nuisance should not be spared.”
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