Relationship blues for newly weds amid lockdown: Psychiatrist

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Jaipur, April 8 (IANS) Newly wedded couples with roots in Jaipur, who returned to join their jobs in New York, Singapore and Bangkok after tying the knot here, are facing relationship blues, including depression, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

City-based psychiatrist Dr Anamika Papriwa told IANS that she had been getting continuous calls from such couples who tied the knot in Jaipur in January and February. They are clueless as to how to take their lives forward during the corona crisis, she added.
“A couple in New York told me that they are surprised to see the world around them changing — everybody locked in after a quick rise in number of corona patients and the swelling number of deaths.
“‘There is so much uncertainty around. We cannot come to our country back. We are also not known to each other since it’s only a few months into our marriage and all hell has broken loose. We try to sit in our own rooms watching TVs which is adding to our mood swings’.”
A Bankgok-based couple too is facing relationship turbulance — with the man saying he is in depression while his wife terms him ‘deranged’ due to his frequent mood swings, Dr Anamika said.
“Couples are getting affected due to so much uncertainty around. As it grows, so does their anxiety. Hence, they are begin to go aloof, which is creating problems,” said pointed out.
She added: “The uncertain times have generated a kind of phobia among many human beings. Eventually, the couples have started staying in different rooms. You don’t want to enjoy anything in life when there is fear in your brain. So, the depression and anxiety cases.”
Dr Anamika said cases of sleep deprivation too had increased in the last few days.
While the young are worried for their businesses, jobs and depleting savings, the elderly are worried since they are most vulnerable to coronavirus.
“Once things settle down, normalcy will return. In the meantime, I strongly advise people to meditate, listen to music, do yoga and activities soothing to your senses,” Dr Anamika said.
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