Smriti Irani makes masks herself at home with needle, thread

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New Delhi, April 9 (IANS) Union minister Smriti Irani is busy stitching masks herself with a needle and thread at home during the lockdown. She also released a picture of herself making a mask on Thursday.

In order to combat coronavirus, people also show interest in preparing and using homemade masks. Irani tweeted, “Even a needle and thread can be used to make a reusable mask at home.” She also gave tip on making masks.
Irani also shared the guidelines of the Health Ministry on the making and use of masks at home on Twitter. Guidelines state that coronavirus can be fought by social distancing and personal hygiene. Face and mouth can be kept clean by using face cover.
Many countries believe that the common man can use homemade masks. If someone does not have any health problems, he can wear a mask made at home. But it is important to keep such masks clean. Masks made from cloth can be reused at home. It should be washed periodically.
The Health Ministry has suggested at least two masks be prepared at home. With this, one can be used at a time and then after washing it can be washed and used later.
During the lockdown, Irani is also taking special care of her constituency Amethi. On her instructions, ration is being delivered to the needy from village to village. Party workers are giving five kilograms of rice, five kilograms of flour, one kilo of pulses, two hundred grams of oil, 50 grams of vegetable spices, two and a half kilograms of potatoes, turmeric powder and one kilogram of salt to the poor.
On the appeal of Irani’s team, many social organizations are also working to provide relief to the poor.