Social distancing key to fight COVID-19: Survey

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New Delhi, April 9 (IANSlife) As India speculates a probable extension of the ongoing nationwide lockdown beyond April 14, a whopping 89 per cent of Indians think social distancing is the most vital measure to combat the spread of COVID-19 and fight it more efficiently, says a survey.

According to a randomised online survey of 2,600 consumers, social distancing is a key measure adopted by nearly 89 per cent of the survey’s respondents, followed by frequent hand washing and use of sanitizers. A large majority of respondents reported using sanitizers and masks more often over the last month while 87 per cent reported washing their hands regularly.
Social distancing, frequent hand washing, use of sanitizers and home-cooked meals are among the top preventive measures being observed by citizens to protect against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
Nearly half the respondents were concerned about access to groceries and transport, and over a third worried about the ready availability of medicines.
“We decided to poll our customers to understand their health concerns and priorities during lockdown as well as to get a sense of the precautions they were taking. What the survey did tell us is that most of the respondents were taking the lockdown very seriously and understand the importance of isolating themselves during this period. This year when we celebrate World Health Day on April 7, we need to focus on community health as the key aspect to individual health. If anything, Coronavirus has brought home the harsh lesson that the health of the individual is inextricably linked to that of the community. The lockdown has also demonstrated that, when challenged, the community is willing to stand as one and do what it takes to fight back,” says Ananth Narayanan, Co-founder and CEO, Medlife, an e-Health platform.
Among the behavioural changes during lockdown, a large number are opting for home cooked food (55 per cent) as a safety measure, increased frequency of house cleaning (56%) and practicing meditation (23 per cent) for mental well-being. About a third of the respondents reported strengthening of their diet with immunity boosters in a bid to protect themselves against COVID-19.
While an overwhelming number (84 per cent) believe that the governments are doing enough to contain the spread of the virus, nearly 85 per cent of respondents believe there is excess information on COVID-19 in social media.