Test more, treat more should be the mantra: Priyanka Gandhi

New Delhi, April 6 (IANS) Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Monday appealed to the citizens to raise their voice for “testing” more people to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Priyanka tweeted in Hindi and said, “To stop the spread of the coronovirus, the only way is to test more people so that the infected can be treated.”
“Test more people, treat more people should be mantra today, I request you to raise your voice for more testing.”
Former Union Minister P. Chidambaram also tweeted on Monday demanding extensive testing.
He said: “There is unanimity among epidemiologists, doctors and district-level administrators that the need of the hour is aggressive and extensive testing. Let government begin that effort today.”
He also welcomed the suggestions given by the ICMR on Sunday to test more people: “I welcome ICMR’s new advice to government to do ‘rapid antibody tests’ starting in hotspots. According to many doctors, this advice was overdue.”
The ICMR on Sunday issued an advisory for carrying out anti-body testing for all symptomatic individuals in coronavirus hotspots in the country.
Amid rising deaths due to coronavirus, the Congress has demanded that more people should be tested to detect the disease and contain the spread of the virus while questioning the government on allowing the export of the kits”.
The Congress said on Sunday, “Why has the BJP govt allowed testing kits to be exported to foreign nations for so long?”
The party alleged that this is the ultimate “betrayal” to India, to our brave healthcare workers and to every Indian who will suffer because of the government’s greed and apathy.–IANS