Virtual baithaks for music afficandqos

New Delhi, April 24 (IANSlife) Disrupting our daily activities and outings with the ongoing global health crisis, weekends and night outs over live music seem like things of the past.

Artists who hustled and bustled around town to deliver the best live experiences have been curtailed within the boundaries of their homes.

However, that hasn’t stopped these artists from living and breathing music. Indian classical musicians are using this time to perfect their symphonies and are on the constant lookout for opportunities to perform for their audiences. With prospects of on-ground events starting anytime soon seeming impossible, they seek a platform that will give them the center stage and keep their love for music going.

The artist line-up and ragas are carefully curated to match the theme and peaceful vibe of the mornings. There is no better start to a morning than the harmonious sound of soothing tunes.19 vocalists and instrumentalists who have trained and performed with maestros like Pt. Birju Maharaj ji, Smt. Sitara Devi Ji, Ustad Asad Khan and Pt. Budhaditya Mukherjee have already been a part of these live virtual baithaks and have performed some of the most iconic ragas like Ahir Bhairav, Nat Bhairav, Miya Ki Todi and Bahar among others.

Evolving with these changing times, a brand that has been one of the strongest supporters of Indian classical music, Brooke Bond Taj Mahal, decided to turn the lockdown limitations for these artists into a unique opportunity that would enable classical music enthusiasts to showcase their talent and connect with their audience base through the comfort of their home.

The brand has turned their Facebook page into the perfect setting for Wah! Taj Baithak at home, which are live virtual baithaks that happen every Sunday morning. Turn into melodious virtual gatherings for classical music on the Facebook page @TajMahalTeaHouse at 10:00 A.M. and get ready to be-awed and mesmerised.

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