Why do Delhi cops hope to find in deserted Markaz building? (IANS SPECIAL)

New Delhi, April 7 (IANS) The Tablighi Jamaat story refuses to die down as more details emerge of the sheer scale of irresponsibility and mishandling of the situation by the organisers of the Islamic religious gathering and the police.

The Delhi Police probe seems to be going nowhere and is just a probe only in name. The police it seems have not woken up from their stupor after allowing the event to go ahead in the first place, and that too despite the police station in south-east Delhi located barely a few hundred metres from the Nizamuddin Markaz.
The Jamaat parked buses virtually at the gate of Nizamuddin police station to ferry devotees to the Markaz.
Teams of the Delhi Police Crime Branch seem to be making a spectacle in the name of solving the case even as Delhi Fire and Health Department have cleaned sanitized the Jamaat headquarters.
DCP Joy Tirkey of the Crime Branch team investigating the case, comes daily with a few Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACP), inspectors, and havaldars to survey the premises but they only end up roaming around and wandering up and down the nine floors of the deserted building.
The silence of the top police officers involved in the case is deafening. If the Delhi Crime Branch is really investigating then why have they not found anything yet in four days? If the police have found something during the probe, then why are they shying away from revealing the true facts?
Whether Jamaat chief Maulana Saad has indeed “disappeared” or the police know his whereabouts is also a point of speculation.
According to sources and intelligence of the Delhi Police itself, “Maulana Saad Kandhalvi, who is wanted, is not absconding. The Delhi Police Crime Branch and Maulana Saad’s aides are in constant touch with each other. Neither is Maulana is missing. “
Saad’s aide told IANS that “Maulana Saad has not run anywhere. He is in contact with the police. Maulana Saad has not commited any crime that will make him run away from the police. When the time comes, Maulana Saheb will tell everything.”
In such a situation, the Delhi Police Crime Branch personnel arrive every day donning the corona protective suits to search the empty Markaz building. What does it point to?
Two days ago, IANS spoke on the phone to Kotwal Inspector Karmaveer Singh of Kandhla police station in Shamli district of UP. He said, “In my area, there is a large farmhouse of Maulana Mohammad Saad Kandhlavi. Maulana Saad was never seen there. We are keeping an eye on the crowd with drone cameras during the lockdown in routine check. But Saad was not seen there.”
It is obvious that if indeed the Maulana was evading the Delhi Police then they would definitely have sought help from the Kandhla police. But in response to a question, the Kandhla inspector said, “No, Delhi Police has not asked for any help from us as yet about Maulana Saad.”
In such a situation, the question now arises that, is Maulana Saad really in the “range” of Delhi Police? If yes, then what for are the Crime Branch teams daily going to the deserted Markaz? If the Maulana has escaped beyond the jurisdiction of Delhi Police, then why has the force not yet issued an alert to the police of nearby states where there might be potential hideouts of Saad?
Recently, there were reports in the media that Saad could be hiding in Mewat in Haryana which is a prominent centre of the Jamaat. Some have said that Saad might not be in Mewat but in Uttar Pradesh.
However, a senior UP Police STF official told IANS: “No, till now Delhi Police has not asked for any help from us. Everything depends on the Delhi Police. We are engaged in searching for the missing Tablighis in our state.”