Will end of CPI-M, BJP-RSS rivalry in Thalassery usher in new dawn

Kannur (Kerala), April 11 (IANS) The never-ending rivalry between the CPI-M and the BJP/RSS appears to have scripted a new model during Covid times.

If taken forward, it could well be the beginning of a new dawn in the history of murders and brutal attacks at Thalassery.
While the BJP/RSS in this area alone have lost 22 people starting way back in 1969, the CPI-M would have a higher tally.
When the lockdown started these traditional rivals were engaged in helping the needy separately, but it’s now 19 days that these arch-rivals have been engaged in joint operations to help all those suffering on account of the lockdown.
It started when Assistant Collector Asif Yusuf decided to initiate talks with the top brass of the two rivals. Things immediately fell into place and a perfect coordination started.
Today these rival groups along with the Congress-led UDF in this area are taking care of around 300 people housed in camps and hospitals.
In each of these camps, instead of duplicating the work, a schedule has been worked out. When the CPI-M takes care of breakfast at a camp and lunch at the hospitals, the BJP takes care of the lunch at the camp sites, while the ally of the UDF – the IUML – provides dinner.
Speaking to IANS, CPI-M legislator A.N.Shamsheer said that all political parties besides various organisations here are now working in tandem and have only one common aim — to ease the sufferings of the people.
“Yes, this is for the first time there are no political differences and everyone has only one objective. Why this did not happen before is because this pandemic is unprecedented. Perhaps this could well be a pointer and that time only will tell,” said Shamsheer.
Sumesh, the district coordinator of the BJP, told IANS: “Perhaps these days could well be a stepping stone to end all the anger that has always been there.”
“I will say, that the foundation of a good future has been laid to end the political rivalry that’s been there for several decades in this area. For the past few weeks we all are working as one unit to help those suffering,” said Sumesh.
And now with the lockdown in all likelihood to continue and with the chemistry between the traditional arch-rivals now getting cemented, all eyes are on whether this will be the turning point for Thalassery which has only seen bloodshed.
If it does, the Thalassery model could well be replicated across boundaries.